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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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today family, fans and friend say good bye to the sing shore touched a nation with her voice. details on the final arrangements for cristina grimmie. >> certainly a long road, to get here, but this is the beginning of the process of changing,. >> long road, what do you think about this one? it is officially happened. philadelphia is now the first major city in the country to pass a tax, on sodas and diet drinks. okay, load up the car and pile inside and get to the north east. go be part of the mike and alex. good day drives you there this morning where you can meet the crew starting at 7:00 a.m. good day it is friday june . >> good morning. >> chris murphy is off, i'm filling in this morning. it is a gorgeous day. so light on this friday. >> yes. >> it turned out nice for us here in philadelphia. there is rain not too far away, we will she you on radar have after we showed you number of the day. averaging it out for everybody we will go with a seven out of ten but things will be
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improving. umbrella for folks at the jersey shore with bus stop buddy, and yes, school still in obsession their last day is tuesday, next week. temperatures in the 60's, but hopefully, you can get the kids and take them to mayfair to meet mike, alex, bob kelly, and jen fred will be out there as well. we have rain around dover. we have rain at the jersey shore this morning but we will end up with plenty of sunshine increasing sunshine throughout the day and a high temperature of 84 degrees. sun did his not set until 8:32. that is your weather. it is time to take a look at traffic. it is a home coming, for bob kelly this morning in the great north east, is that right. >> you got it, sue. route 73 bus, begins here at frankford and bridge street, and runs right through my hometown, open up the doors, good morning, everybody; how are you, pal. >> good nice to meet you bob
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and the crew. >> dennis is one of the bus drivers that ride route 73 bus on the midnight shift. you are just getting done. >> pretty soon. >> he is just getting done. >> we are just getting started. hello northeast philadelphia, good day driving you from frankford and cottman avenue all morning long but i'm starting it off here at frankford transportation center, where some 90,000 people begin their morning commute here, in the great north east. lets go to the camera. we had an overnight accident at broad street between fairmount and spring garden. we will give you more details on that in a second. the good news is police have just reopened, broad street, so that is good for the morning commute. the lets go to the 42 freeway where things are running smoothly now but we will be singing on the way to cape may later today. be up and over the walt whitman by noon time to avoid that jammo and southbound i-95 tomorrow watch for construction, broad to bartram midday.
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we are back here live at frankford transportation center. we will do hits up until 6:45. then we will jump april board route 66 trolley, and head north up frankford avenue. karen and lauren back to you in the studio. >> bob, thanks very much. >> now developing in spring garden a hit and run, send two teenagers to the hospital. >> police have gotten two people into custody already. lets get out to steve keeley with what we know, steve? so there was the teenage their were out there, riding their bike when they were struck by that red lexus right there and then red lexus fled but police did catch up with the driver and passenger and they were taken in custody steve keeley told us earlier in the show that police described a strong smell of alcohol when they did get that driver. they are questioning the driver and passenger now. both boys were trans port todd a nearby hospital. one of the boys are in surgery. traumatic head injuries. we are hoping for the best and both are recovering.
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breaking news overnight police investigating a suspicious death on frankford avenue in northeast philadelphia, right where bob was just reporting from. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. police found a 50 year-old man, stabbed, in the stomach. he was pronounced dead at the scene, we will continue to keep you updated on exactly is what happening. happening today last good bye to the beloved singing sensation from south jersey. private funeral services for cristina grimmie will be held in medicine forward today this 22-year old captured the national spotlight. she was a contestant for the voice. viewing services will be at fellowship alliance chapel 3:00 this afternoon. she was singing for the church so often. her memorial will begin at 8:00. her mentor was adam le vine. will be paying for all of the funeral expenses, she loved animals and video games. it was a week ago obsessed fan gunned her down as she signed autographs after a concert.
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fight philadelphia's new soda tax in court as city has become first in the country to pass a tax on sugary and diet drinks. city lawmakers passed one and a half sent an ounce tax by a vote of 13- 46789 mayor jim kenney intend to use millions raised for philadelphia's prek initiative, recollect centers, other programs, and, the controversial decision to kick money in the general fun, of course, mayor kenney is quite pleased, not everyone else though is happy. >> certainly a long road to get here but this is the beginning of the process of changing the narrative of poverty in our city. >> we're all disappointed because it is such a regress i have tax against all of the poor people in philadelphia. >> mayor kenney plans to sign the legislation monday, the tax kicks in at the beginning of next year. school reform commission has approved new guidelines detailing the rights of the transgender and non-conforming students in philadelphia
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here's what it means they can go to the bathroom that they choose. new policy includes addressing children by names and pronouncing who they identify w keeping a person's legal names and sex assigns at birth confidential allowing students to participate in gender segregated groups, that includes letting students access to locker rooms, classrooms that correspond to their gender identity. >> so atlantic city casino workers could strike during one of the cities busiest times of the year. union members voted to authorize a strike against bally's, caesars, harrah and tropicana. if a new contract is not reached the striking workers will walk off the job july 1st. union says workers make painful sacrifices that need to be reversed because casinos are regaining their financial footings. trump taj mahal workers have already voted to strike. pennsylvania's u.s. senator pat toomey says he will pass legislation to try to prevent a potential terrorist from being able to get the a gun. >> bill was introduced just days after that mass shooting in orlando. toomey says that the bill is
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an attempt at a compromise between two dueling pieces of legislation to stop the terrorist from buying weapons. he said would it direct attorney general to create a new list of suspect terrorist, that could be barred from buying weapons. our next story, we will show you video, but we need your opinion on it. we want to see what you think about it. is there a car crash and a shooting, caught on camera, it happened in morrisville, but why the man being shot at in the video, he is the one facing charges this morning. we will show it to you again and explain.
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telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. chris chris toty ordering flags at state buildings lowered to half staff in honor of the shooting victims in orlando. in a statement governor called it a deliberate callas you salt on the freedoms we cherish as americans. we have more information about what else the shooter, was doing at orlando nightclub as he carried out this massacre. investigators say omar mateen texted his wife during the rampage, asking if she knew about the shooting. she reportedly texted she loved him and tried calling him during that attack. meanwhile president obama and vice-president joe biden were in orlando yesterday to visit with the family of victims and survivors. two of those survivors fox 29 intern patience carter and her best friend tiara parker, both
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from philadelphia. >> it was so comforting. it didn't seem rehearsed or stage but it seemed like he cared about us and our pain. it was most amazing experience i have ever felt in my life. >> meantime the president and vice-president placed flowers at a makeshift memorial in orlando. president obama says lawmakers have to work together to prevent home ground terrorism. >> unfortunately our politics have conspired to make it as easy as possible for a ter wrist or just a difficulties turned individual like those in aurora and new town to buy extraordinary powerful weapons and they can do so legally. >> we keep hearing that debate. white house continues to reiterate support for legislation that would ban assault weapons. back here at home memorial and tributes to the youngest
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victim, akyra murray the 18 year-old was shot and killed at that club on sunday morning. philadelphia a city council woman jeanie blackwell submitted a resolution honoring murray. she just signed a national intent of a tenth to play basketball at mercyhurst scholarship bass kentucky ball. later in the show did the fbi miss a red flag weeks before the shooting. what the owner of the florida gun stories saying about the day the gun man walked into his business. but first, bob kelly up in the northeast. >> hey gang good morning we are coming to you live from the frankford transportation center, septa's main hub here in northeast philadelphia. and then, at 6:45, we will get your kicks on the route 66 and take that to frankford and cottman avenue and i will have a surprise for everybody, that ride the bus with me stay there we will have details when we come right back.
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a man started to shoot at a guy, he says was trying to steel his car. >> so here's what investigators say happened. man noticed someone trying to break into a car, not his but a different one, one on wood land avenue. so he sees a suspect get in the car, steals it and drives away. man who lives there said i will track him down. he gets in his own car, follows this suspect who then
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crashes in the intersection of the pennsylvania avenue and bridge street and smash necessary to a salon. >> actually, i received a phone call about 7:00 o'clock this morning, saying that it was an accident in front of the salon. so i immediately got up, got dressed, ran here and the car was trekly, in front of my steps. >> so after the crash, police say, the man shot at the suspect, hitting him once in the arm. police say suspect is facing a number of charges but they say so will the shooter. my gosh you can see it a all happen right there. >> so after wet weather we had yesterday, everybody thinking about big events happening. we have great june celebrations that will be happening, in center city and germantown areas and also, fathers day, of course. >> is it going to be rain or lots of sunshine. so outside right now it is looking pretty mild. >> wow. >> that is a beautiful shot, tim, our director pick that one that was good.
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>> yes. >> lots of sunshine. hopefully in the northeast, sue because crew is heading that way. >> forecast is improving. we got a tweet from angela. omg are allergies bad today i'm dying over here. >> you must be allergic to tree pollen or mold spores because both of them are at high levels today. we have moderate for your grass and nothing for ragweed just yesterday. here's the radar picture of where we are and where we're going to be, throughout the rest of the morning. the mayfair section of northeast philadelphia, the corner of cottman and frankford and there is no rain. that ace a radar picture. the forecast is for cloud, and a little bit of sunshine, still humid but you by 10:00 o'clock we will be close to 07 degrees and it will be warming up more thanks to the increased amount of sunshine
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but you don't to have go very far to find rain, you can see it at the injuries shore this morning. not the most beautiful morning for a walk on the beach in sea isle city but don't worry, sunnies coming. dover delaware site of the fire fly music festival this weekend, still raining there, dewey beach in lieu is, delaware we're getting rain too but down the shore we expect improvement over the weekend. mid 70's for your temperatures in the air, water temperature still in the mid 60's but increasing amounts of sunshine today and then sunny skies both saturday and sunday so pack lots of sunshine screen there and perhaps a walk in the mountains tomorrow. it will be 77 degrees. eighty on sunday. mid 07's today. your seven day forecast has 80's today and tomorrow, and inching in the upper 80's by monday which is the first official day of summer, thunderstorms late in the day on tuesday, and shore temperatures should be in the 70's but for the entire week the at the beach. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly,
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transportation heaven there this morning you muts be meet ago lot of commuters. >> oh, we are having some fun here this morning, fun watching everybody drop off maybe their loved one, give them a little smooch, see you later, out they go. we are here at frankford transportation center in northeast philadelphia lets get to you work, jam cams are opening up 422 as we look live at troop are road. not that bad. friday mornings will be lighter then normal. most of the kids are, or this could be their last day of school, 95 at cottman avenue seeing traffic building as we begin our rush hour and to the maps we will go if you are heading to the shore, look out, atlantic city expressway down to one lane at garden state parkway ramp that is a hot mess for the commuters heading to the shore later on this afternoon. coming back here live at the intersection of the frankford and bridge street which used to be covered by the market frankford el, here's bridge street. i remember riding my bike up
6:20 am
from brideberg all the way up bridge street here to the frankford transportation center, a total rebuild. probably a billion dollars rebuilding and reconn figuring. one thing that stayed constant is the original building which was here at bridge and pratt. look at the ginger bread around the doorway, that whole building was restored. it is original building from back in the day and down here up top you can see area of in the neighborhood we called that the old frankford because the new frankford hospital is up there on knights road. here's what will happen, at 6:45 i will jump on route 66 ape take that to frankford and cottman avenue where i will meet up with mike and alex. if you board the bus with me, lauren and karen, here's jordan, our intern, look at what we have. >> jelly doughnut for the route 66, 6:45 trolley, leaving northeast philadelphia
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>> all right. >> i expect a jammo. >> of course we know now because bobbies out there. thinks our fifth of the season this is to the northeast. alex and mike will be live from 7:00 to 10:00. >> 6:21. are they there yet? how far have they gotten? >> hello. >> come on out, jen. >> hi, guys. >> are we on. >> i was talking to jen sanchez and she wants me to autograph her belly. she could be pregnant. alex, are you back there can you see alex. >> i'm back here as usual. >> because you are tiny. >> let me show you where we are. >> plenty of room. >> we're heading to the great northeast. >> harbison and torresdale. >> that is voice of mike greenwich, he is driving owls, he will be the photographer. we will go to the corner of
6:22 am
cottman and frankford avenue. >> that is where we will party to day. >> this is your last wary won't have anymore. >> that is it. >> i'm very excited, i can't wait to go to mayfair. it will be a fun time. >> we are almost there. >> bye, kids. >> fcc called and they said you have to stop with your facebook mentions. love you, got a go. >> really. >> 6:22. >> every sports fans favorite dream, we're going to game seven. >> yes. >> sports in one minute coming up next. >> but first let look at last night's winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them, good luck.
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fletcher cox just got paid, but he better be all world next season if he wants to live up to that fat contract. yesterday he talk about his expectations coming into this season. >> it is mind blowing just dealing with that much money, it is really mind blowing. i'm really excited about it. >> me, myself, i have expectations, you know, high expectations for myself but all i can be is fletcher cox and that be really humble about it and come to practice every day, show up every day
6:26 am
and let my teammates know i'm there for them. all thaw bet be be jj watts. phils/blue jays. phillies are awful. top of the fourth, phillies down five to nothing. the line drive with the bases load that had brought home two runs. aaron nola was trashed yesterday. he was three innings, eight hit, six earned runs. phillies get embarrassed 13-two. they have lost seven out of eight. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. you know, when you get down to the end and you have a game seven. >> it is exciting for some fans. >> but not for everyone. >> yes. >> it is a game seven. calves dominated warriors in game six. score 115-101 for thing that deciding game seven, it will be sunday night. >> lebron james dominated, again, 41 points he had last night, really frustrating for steph curry and his team. he fouled out in the fourth quarter. then he got kick out of the game because he cursed at a
6:27 am
referee and then threw his nasty wet mouth guard and hit a fan in the face. he apologized to the fan but again, game is on sunday night. it will be first of the season. all of them are so late when they play on the west coast and i'm sleeping. >> i'm thinking of that mouth guard. if it hits you. it has some water on it, you get a big globe on your face. >> it is so disgusting. >> but it is a fan of steph curry, keeping it. >> yes, it is almost like you kiss. >> yes. >> you can keep it. two teens injured in a early morning hit and run what they were doing when they were hit and their conditions right now. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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another hit and run and detectives are now talk together driver. what they say happened during that conversation. plus did the fbi, a huge red flag, weeks before that shooting, what the owner of a florida gunshot stories saying about the day that the orlando nightclub shooter walked into his business. ♪ today family and friend and fans will say good bye to the sing her touched the nation with her voice. details on the final
6:31 am
arrangement for cristina grimmie. and, all of the kid in the car, come on up, lets have a big party because we are having fun up there in holmesberg. we are going to the great northeast. good day is up there so where exactly you can meet the whole gang, mike, alex, bob, bill anderson is out there with his t-shirts if you want a t-shirt he has new colors and new sizes, starting at 7:00 a.m. >> good day. >> it is friday, june 17th, 2016. >> chris murphy's off, i'm in today, he was feeling under the weather. lets get a check of the weather. >> lets do it. >> lets get over it because we're another the rain. we had enough yesterday. most places in the metro area are doing fine but buddy has the umbrella for folks to the south of us. temperatures in the 60's. here's y do you see this rain down from let's say dover, south in delaware and mostly just in cape may county in new jersey but good news is this that system is in the process of continuing, a move to the south, which means we're getting rid of that rain and we don't have anything at the
6:32 am
airport precipitation wise, 64 , 6-mile an hour wind out of the north/north east but 84 should be the high. we have showers south and east now but sunshine throughout the afternoon. things are improving. will it stay nice over weekend, we will have the answer to that, coming up, right now lets go back to the great northeast and the great bob kelly, good morning. >> hi sue, good morning. happy friday. we are coming to you live from the frankford transportation center. eventually working our way up to frankford and cottman where it will all go down up there in the mayfair section. lets get you ready for a friday morning rush hour as we go outside and say good morning to route 309, northbound 309, a disable, right here near paper mill road off to the shoulder there we have the roosevelt boulevard, looking good this morning as you work your way out of the northeast down toward the schuylkill expressway. then lets go to the maps this will be a hot mess through the weekend, pse&g doing emergency
6:33 am
gas repairs that will impact traffic on route 70, route 38, and the old admiral wilson boulevard down to one lane, through the weekend. get to know cuthbert boulevard and federal street especially for the evening rush hour and for your trip into south jersey, heading towards the shore. we will go and come back here live at 6:45 and board route 66 bus and meet up with mike and alex up there at frankford and cottman avenue. karen and lauren back to you in the studio. now to a developing story in spring garden a hit and run sends two teens to the hospital. >> police move in quickly on this one. they got two people in custody. the lets get out to the scene to steve keeley. they have reopened broad street, is that right steve. >> reporter: you can see how fast people go on broad street. we are just a few blocks from city hall between ridge and spring garden. this is morning rush hour traffic, supposed to be going 25. this is what happened, broad street just reopened up at 6:00.
6:34 am
it was shut down for more than four hours. what happened as four kids were on three bicycles and now look the at the video we have. you will see the scene as it looked earlier in the nighttime and see all of those evidence markers, too many to even count, car parts and the possessions of these two, 16 year-old boys riding on one bicycle and then see their friend came back after being witnesses in this case and pick up their bikes that they threw down and called 911 right away. i talked to them. even though police say it was unknown whether one of the kid hurt so bad would even survive, kids went down after talking to police to hahnemann hospital just three-quarters of a mile away and got good news that their friend survived up until now and that was the fear that he wasn't going to survive. you can see a red two seat sports car, a lex with us a
6:35 am
temporary new jersey tag. even though it sped before the crash according to these kid and witnesses and sped away from the scene after the crash police were called so fast and reacted so fast they got this guy on ridge avenue, a 34 year-old man. he had a girlfriend or wife with him, both according to police under the inn noon. >> the driver, who is 34 was with the vehicle, he appears to be intoxicated and he had a strong odor coming from his person. he was transported to eighth and race where he will get a breathalizer g chance person left the scene because when we found him he appeared to be intoxicated and you cannot drive intoxicated, that is also the raw and that is probably what caused this individual to flee from the accident scene after striking two people. so this driver is looking at some serious charges, in addition to drunk driving.
6:36 am
>> he is in custody at the round house. his women friend was taken to accident investigation division, even though drunk herself according to police, no charges because she was just a passenger. who knows what she saw or remembered if she was intoxicated as police tell us. one kid with a broken leg. other kid a severe head wound and listed as critical and these kids were biking in the northbound lanes with the car going northbound but they were going southbound this was like a head on crash between a speeding car and two kids on 110 speed style bicycle. the front tire mangled and tossed 50-yard from the rest of the bicycle. it is amazing they survived y they survived? because cops got here so fast and drove them down north broad street that quick short distance to hahnemann hospital with the great doctors hoff kept that kid alive and what a week for teenagers in philadelphia just last night on rising sun avenue in
6:37 am
northeast philadelphia, another 16 year-old, a girl hit by another guy arrested for drunk driving. then we had that poor 17 year-old girl hit by another hit and run driver at adams and boulevard and they have not recovered had car yet let alone finding the driver. >> see they have keeley, thanks very much. chester residents who say they are fed up were being treated poorly by police have spoke their mind. they lit it rip to the department of justice now reviewing the chester police department. in a meeting at widener university race flight. they told d o.j. official about problems hitting that city. each person getting a chance to take the microphone and offer their firsthand accounts of what has happened to them. >> chester police department, for me, they do not treat the resident of this community like we're human beings. >> a white officer comes up and puts his gun right in my face, then they ransack my car. is there nothing to be found in it. >> the public session is first step of the six month program by u.s. justice department office of community policing.
6:38 am
a full review could lead to big changes in training, policies and overall culture in that department. kid make mistakes that can effect their entire life. state senate made it easier for people this delaware to sponge juvenile record this will make them mandatory in certain cases where the petitioner meets the required criteria. legislation was on tuesday and house, supporters say a person's juvenile criminal histories can be an important barrier to employment, education, housing abe getting credit. >> bernie sanders says he hopes to work with rival, hillary clinton in the weeks ahead, this though, is no secret, he and clinton have disagreements. he made the address, from his home in vermont urging his support tours keep fighting until the convention. sanders top advisors say his focus will be on continuing his political revolution. walt disney world resort is adding alligator warning signs to its property, beaches remain closed as company
6:39 am
reviews procedures and protocols. this comes after two-year old lane graves of nebraska died after an alligator got a hold of him in the lake in the florida resort. medical examiner says he died from drowning and traumatic injuries. on tuesday lane was standing in shallow water when authorities say the gator, snatched him underneath. divers found his body 16 hours later. we have some new information, as to what that orlando nightclub shooter was doing during the attack. investigators say omar mateen texted his wife asking if she had seen the news. she reportedly texted back that she loved him and even tried to call him. meanwhile the owner of a florida gun shop, says that the suspect tried to buy body arm or and a thousand round of ammunition about five weeks before the shooting. the shop owner was really suspicious and decided he would not sell anything to mateen. he said in fact he also alerted fbi but since they didn't check his id they had no name to give authorities. >> here's a prime example of trying to dot right thing and
6:40 am
we got so close to it but unfortunately he slipped through the crack. thinks where we're at. but everybody takes it that we're not heartfelt because we sell guns and that could not be the furthest from the truth. >> if you have seen this video of mateen from 2012, a documentary that was made about the bp oil spill and it shows the killer talking very negatively about people who make money off of disasters. so far u.s. attorney is refusing to say whether charges will be brought against the killer's widow nora salmon who admits that her husband was planning a jihad attack and failed to alert authorities. she also went with the killer to purchase ammunition. meantime to day marks one year since the charleston church shooting on june 17th, 2015, 9 black parishioners were killed studying their bibles at church. tenth victim survived. shooter, 22-year old dylann roof later confessed he committed the shooting in hopes of igniting a race war. he pleaded not guilt a begins
6:41 am
federal charges. jury selection in his case begins sometime next year. 5:41. it is a reunion you will not want to miss. one of the survivors of the deadly orlando nightclub shooting got to meet the man who helped save his life. plus today, family and fans and friend say good bye to a singer whose life was taken much, much, much too soon, she touched the nation with her voice on that show, we will have details about the final arrangements for cristina grimmie.
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6:44 am
good day hitting the road, for the northeast. bobbies already there. mike and alex have been on their way. >> i hope they're there, seriously at 6:44. you are not there just yet. >> no, we're here. in fact, hi, i know you just love looking at my hideous face but i'll tell you we are at the intersection now, watch this. that is our location, can you see it? it is all ready to go. we are at frankford and cottman. >> yes. >> it took you guys longer to get up there to doylestown,
6:45 am
jenkintown. >> well, we made a couple stops if you know what i mean. >> yes. >> do you see that mcdonald's sign. >> what do you get egg mcmuffin. >> is that my juan. >> yes. >> we will see new 15 minutes in the great northeast, mayfair, frankford and cottman as bob kill would i say, right bob. frankford and cottman. >> cottman. >> hey, good morning everybody. come on now you are in the mazda going to frankford and cottman. we will jump on the route 66. do you remember that song, get your kicks on the 66. is what your name. >> john connolly. >> come on johnny is the bus driver. good morning, everybody. >> look who is here, we will ride the 66 bus up through frankford and cottman and meet up with mike and alex. i know it is early with the bright light but we have jelly
6:46 am
doughnuts for everybody for your ride, is that okay. all right. jelly did he nut, jelly doughnut for everybody. let's check the jam cams as we get ready to pull out of the station here with johnny our bus driver. blue route, 476 at conshohocken, starting to pick up some volume, things are going smooth. lets go to i-95 near cottman avenue volume building there. come back here to the bus we have jordan, she's handing out jelly doughnuts to have been on the 66. we are leaving here right now. we should hit frankford and cottman right at 7:00 around the same time that mike and alex will meet us at frankford and cottman as well. we're on the move. lets have a hand for bus drivers. three cheers for the bus driver. pack to you in the stood ohio
6:47 am
we are taking a look at u.s. open forecast because as you know play was suspended yesterday with very strong thunderstorms in the area, well to day maybe a shower early but sun in the afternoon, it looks good there 78 degrees. plan ongoing out toward pitberg this week toned watch u.s. open beautiful weather for that, lower 80's, plenty of sunshine both days. that is a forecast for all of us. we will see a couple spots of green here on ultimate doppler radar, no indication that is anything that is reaching the ground. we don't have showers in the the forecast for mayfair. is there intersection of frankford and cottman where all of the axis. we are expecting quite a few clouds but temperatures in the mid 60's. we should have enough sunshine by 10:00 we will warm up close to 70 degrees. shouldn't need umbrella but there is some rain.
6:48 am
not too far away. we will see rain all morning. wildwood, cape may, lower township there, dover delaware still getting rain and down at delaware beach as well. starting off as a rainy day but things should improve. we should see sunshine. your shore castor the rest of the weekend is excellent. water is still chilly in the mid 60's for ocean water. heading up to the mountains it is looking fine for the entire weekend. dry, plenty of sunshine. 80 degrees by sunday. seventy's other two days of the weekend. after we get finished with a fine fathers day weekend we have the first day of summer on monday summer solstice 6:34 in the evening and appropriately warm with a high in the upper 80's. we will not make it to 90 on tuesday before the thunderstorms hit and that will cool things back down in the mid 80's on monday and tuesday of next week even. we will put the shore temperatures now down there on the bottom. this is our summertime six day
6:49 am
and even a bucket ape shovel for you. hats are fun at the shore. >> we love it. >> time right now 6:49. >> happening today, memorial services for rising star cristina grimmie, 22-year old garnered national recognition at the voice. funeral services will be held at medford at 3:00 p.m. her memorial begins at 8:00. one week ago an obsessed fan gunned her down in orlando as she signed autographs after a concert. grimmie's family said she loved animals, video games and her faith. now to an emotional reunion. >> one of the survivors of the deadly nightclub shooting got to meet the person who helped save his life. lets take a lot at pictures. twenty-six year-old angel, says it was officer delgado who pulled him out of that pulse nightclub. these are two who have been meeting for very first time since the shooting, as you can see open arms. >> they shared an hug as the officer told him i'm so glad you alive. >> angel was shot three
6:50 am
times during the massacre. he was at the club with the friend who graduated from wildwood high school. that man was able to escape that night club unharmed. in your health news this morning patience suffering from post traumatic stress disorder may be able to use medicinal marijuana in new jersey. >> that is only if the conventional therapy that i they try first for ptsd does not work this bill passed the assembly yesterday and needs to get a travel still from the senate. right now marijuana can be used to treat multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, muscular dystrophy, seizures and glaucoma. >> let's talk money. >> yes. >> maybe we will get some. >> both mega millions and power ball have had impressive jackpots this weekend. >> it all starts today with the mega millions, that prize right now you see it 310 million-dollar. >> nice. >> and then tomorrow's power ball will be 169 million-dollar jackpot, so you can dream about what you can do with that money. >> people ask that question
6:51 am
what is first thing would you buy, i don't know if i ever asked you. >> right now i would sell my house i would certainly like to buy a new house. >> that is perfect timing. >> yes. >> you have three sons you need to take care of. >> we will be homeless. >> i heard you tell sue you can go to her. >> she says oh, yeah. >> you can move into nia room. >> but she's still home from college. >> we will sleep in the basement, we're small people. >> in the next hour, comfort, from the commander in chief, president obama meets survivors of the orlando terror attack including our very own patience carter and her friend tiara parker. how they say the visit is helping with their healing process.
6:52 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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♪ >> come on. >> bobbies singing on the bus. >> where ever bobbies is there a party. >> where did you actually grow up. >> that was excellent. thanks, bob. >> party bus. >> i think it was bridesberg i was hoping we show us, your childhood home. >> he might, we still have time we start at 7:00. students from one pennsylvania high school have just graduated not once but twice but repeat was meant to show support for a classmate. >> three weeks after their own graduation dozens of students from the the school east
6:55 am
juniata high school in mccallisterville were back with their caps and guns on to hold a special graduation for one person, this one guy, his name is scott dunn, as he walks across the stage to get his diploma. he had been in a coma because he had a car crash days before graduation. look at those hugs. that is such a classy group of kids. when he woke up that was the first thing on his mind. >> first thing i said when i woke up, i missed my grad ways. i don't even know how they did this. there is so many people. >> that is very, very impressive. right now it will be a bit of the least coverry taking things slowly. he says he may go to college or maybe joining the military. >> very sweet, to do it again. >> congratulations. alex, mike, are you in place where you are supposed to be. >> what? >> can you tell where we are.
6:56 am
>> we're here. >> mayfair. >> 1929, the year i was born. so we're here, the famous intersection, frankford and cottman. >> why don't you come join us, we have a crowd. >> you better get here hold on a second what does that stand for run mayfair. >> run mayfair. >> welcome here. we have a great neighborhood here. thanks for coming fox 29. >> all right. >> thanks for having us. >> we will see new about two minutes.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
yet another hit and run two teens rush to the hospital one in critical condition. what they were doing when they were hit. plus how police track down that driver. >> it was so comforting. it didn't seem rehearsed or staged but he seemed like he truly cared about us and our pain. >> reporter: comfort from the command inner chief, president obama meets with survivors of the orlando terror attack, including our intern patience carter a and her friend tiara parker. how they say visit is helping them heel. >> we're going back to cali for game number seven, lebron and cavilers dominate game six and steph curry has a melt down why his wife says the
7:00 am
league is rigged. good day drives you right to the great northeast, join us right now at frankford and cottman for a morning full of local favorite and fun. wave. >> hi. >> hey. >> isn't this a beauty. we are here, it is here. >> the brand new mazda cx9. >> it is here. >> this is how you pull up. >> that is how you do it. >> hi everybody. >> do you hear that drum role. >> drum role please. >> now listen to this, let me shut that off. this is actually the car. >> this is it. >> this is the actual suv that we will give a way so you need to put yourself this that seat right there. >> look at how the shiny. >> this ist.


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